… que mi alma no descanse si de amar se trata…

Especialmente para ti.

Por todos estos años en que a través de ti y contigo llevo haciendo este viaje.

Especially for you.

For all those years in which -through you and with you-,  I’ve been doing this journey.

Vídeo editado por James Bermingham, (cantante, compositor e intérprete).

En Dublín interpreta un show versionando canciones de George Michael.

Video edited by James Bermingham, (singer, composer and  performer).  

In Dublin plays a show performing George Michael cover versions.   

Sitio web: canal de bunsticlebill en YouTube.

‘… I’m in a position when I have nothing to lose.. other than if I disappoint my fans.. you know.. and I really don’t think I’m gonna do that.. So critics, and charts, and sales really have stopped motivating me long time ago. I’m lucky in that respect. And my fans constantly amaze me with a (what’s the word…?) with their endurance.. you know.. So I think (…) This year I’m more motivated than I’ve been since the beginning of Wham… It’s really a brand new date for me…’ George Michael. Interview for Symphonica Tour. 
Thank you, George. I wouldn’t change for anything the history I have with you and ‘through you’. Since I was a child you have been at my side, I suffered with you and I have been happy through you. To know that we are your engine in a very difficult time in your life makes us feel proud and happy. You are a Heart. As you say to all of us (lovelies): our ‘endurance’ is your motivation and this fact is the most beautiful achievement we’ve ever had.
Thanks again for showing to the whole world -with the courage and carefree that our age gives us- your enormous heart one more time in this few words. You demonstrate us every day that our ‘endurance’ to you always wortH, so: Today and AlwayS: We’re stuck. (‘Til the end of time…)
‘That my soul will not rest if it comes to love…’

And here is my first video. It’s for you, of course. ‘Cause since I met you, I have never taken my eyes off you’. ;)


~ por nefer7yri en 16 julio, 2011.

3 comentarios to “… que mi alma no descanse si de amar se trata…”

  1. Todo por culpa de George Michael. Abrazos y besos. :)

    Your blog is beautiful. I really like it a lot.

    Take care,

    James Bermingham

  2. Es un orgullo y un privilegio. Gracias por permitirme su publicación. Estoy encantada de tener la suerte de haberte conocido.

  3. Gracias por añadir mi video a tu blog. :)

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